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Blegdamsvej 9
2100, Copenhagen
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Region Hovedstaden

Team Leader

Dr. Hanne Bækgaard Larsen

Senior Scientist, Assistant Professor
Phone: +45 (0)354 596 47
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Team Staff

Dr. Martin Kaj Fridh

Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: +45 (0)354 596 47
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Nanna Kousgaard

Research Assistant
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Institute Presentation

The University hospital of Copenhagen is the largest paediatric oncology department in Denmark, and are the leading experts in the treatment of the rarest cancer cases in Denmark. The Department has ~ 12.00 annual bed-days or ambulatory visits.

The Childhood Research Laboratory (Bonkolab) is an integrated part of the Department for paediatric and adolescent oncology at the University hospital of Copenhagen. Bonkolab has expertise in several childhood cancer related topics including; Aetiology of childhood cancer, Leukaemia biology, Pharmacology of anti-cancer agents (genetics, kinetics, dynamics, toxicities), Personalized medicine, inequality in cure rates, somatic and psychosocial late effects and rehabilitation.

Bonkolab will participate in the Ethics and legal issues (WP2), the clinical rehabilitation intervention (WP3) and the Dissemination, exploitation, Knowledge management (WP6) work packages.