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Precision exercise is medicine

Clinical trial

The main objective is to ensure the successful onset, execution and completion of the randomised FORTEe clinical trial, aimed at the evaluation of the impact of a precision exercise program in children, adolescents and young adults (CAYA) with cancer. The leading experts throughout Europe will gather to demonstrate that “precision exercise is medicine” and can improve patient physical performance, reduce fatigue, strengthen resilience and improve quality of life.

The Clinical Trial includes the following tasks:

  1. Develop protocols for exercise testing and intervention phases for all the 9 recruiting centres in 7 European countries (Copenhagen, Heidelberg, Ljubljana, Lyon, Madrid, Mainz, Milano, Monza, Oxford)
  2. Setup and design of an innovative exercise training App, supporting the precision exercise trainers to monitor the patients’ training workloads and let CAYA have fun during the precision exercise sessions
  3. Support each recruiting centre to set up the randomised clinical trial, to standardise operating procedures and to develop patient recruitment, and facilitate data collection
  4. Facilitate a smooth implementation of the trial into the daily clinical routine for fragile CAYA with cancer in the complex health-care setting.