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Work packages

Work Packages

  • WP1 – Project Management (UMC-Mainz, concentris)
    The coordinator and concentris together form the project management office. The project management office at concentris is the first point of reference for researchers involved in FORTEe. The coordinator (UMC-Mainz) will be responsible for the tasks defined in the grant agreement and represents the consortium vis-à-vis the European Commission (EC).
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  • WP2 – Ethics and Legal Issues (UMC-Mainz)
    This WP will be led by UMC-Mainz together with all FORTEe recruiting centres. Children and adolescents with cancer represent a particularly vulnerable group whose interests, however, are usually defined through the eyes of adults.
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  • WP3 – Clinical Trial (MBBM)
    The main objective of WP3 is to ensure the successful onset, execution and completion of the randomised clinical trial (RCT), aimed at the evaluation of the impact of a precision exercise program in children and adolescents with cancer. The leading expertise all over the European countries will pool their knowledge in order to generate a vast amount of data to demonstrate that “exercise is medicine”.
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  • WP4 – Development of novel Technology Applications in Rehabilitation (OBU)
    The importance of exercise for children and adolescents with cancer is not only obvious from a rehabilitation point of view, but also from a longer-term maturation and secondary prevention point of view. The main challenge in this context is the exercise provision when either resources are not available in the hospital in ever more stretched health services or when the patient is at home.
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  • WP5 – Smart Data Management and Analytics (UKHD)
    WP5 will build an appropriate data infrastructure within FORTEe by creating a smart electronic database. Further, WP5 will develop a mechanism to export pseudonymised data for further analysis with external tools. This will be realised in close cooperation with UMC-Mainz in WP2 to ensure personal and health data protection.
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  • WP6 – Dissemination, Exploitation, Knowledge Management (concentris)
    Concentris is specialised in the management of EU-funded research projects and highly experienced in supporting dissemination and outreach activities. Their science communication team has experience in medical writing, public relations and organisation of press conferences, social media and web-design.
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  • WP7 – Ethics requirements (UMC-Mainz)
    The objective of WP7 is to set out and ensure compliance with the ethics requirements of the individual partner institutions and of the European Union.
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