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Exercise interventions for childhood cancer patients


In childhood cancer patients, strong evidence for exercise efficiency is lacking. Thus, precision exercise training is not part of standard care in paediatric oncology and does not reach the majority of patients. The goal of the research in FORTEe is to create high evidence to validate precision exercise interventions in childhood cancer by conducting a randomised controlled trial in this field during anti-cancer treatment.

Our research goals:

  • Conduct a randomised and controlled FORTEe clinical trial with a large sample size
  • Evaluate the personalised and standardised exercise interventions
  • Create high evidence for an innovative, patient-centred exercise treatment
  • Use digital, innovative technologies to create effective, age-adapted and personalised trainings
  • Pool and connect the leading expertise on a European level
  • Promote exercise oncology and stimulate translational research
  • Implement paediatric exercise oncology as an evidence-based standard in clinical care for all childhood cancer patients across the EU and beyond