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About the Webapp


When using the following questionnaires within the FORTEe Web Application (, please follow the instructions below:

  • PedsQL TM Multidimensional Fatigue Scale
  • PedsQL TM Paediatric Quality of Life Inventory
  • PedsQL TM Cancer Module
  • Young child report (5-7 years)

If you have any questions, please contact your study center.

Show the child the template and point to the responses as you read.

  • If it is not at all a problem for you, point to the smiling face
  • If it is sometimes a problem for you, point to the middle face
  • If it is a problem for you a lot, point to the frowning face

I will read each question. Point to the pictures to show me how much of a problem it is for you. Let’s try a practice one first.

Ask the child to demonstrate by clicking his or her fingers to determine whether or not the question was answered correctly. Repeat the question if the child demonstrates a response that is different from his or her action.